About Nogland

 Half way through his first semester of art school, digital artist and creator of Nogland, Grant Wallich, began to feel the need for a less restrictive, regimented environment and left to follow his own path of learning, creation, and experimentation. Since making the decision Wallich has done numerous gallery showings in Denver and Las Vegas, and a large amount of freelance work.

Wallich’s initial artistic endeavors were graffiti and street art, but eventually he found his very own niche in a highly colorful,  occasionally grotesque, surreal style. His pieces are thought provoking; often poking fun at the downsides of modern day society.

While Grant’s artistic medium is primarily (self taught) digital painting, he also utilizes oil and watercolor painting, pen and ink, airbrushing, sculpting and Photoshop. Nogland creations vary from the nightmarishly morbid, to the whimsically cute. Regardless of the viewer’s aesthetic opinion, Wallich’s pieces are sure to invoke a reaction, and will leave the viewer with a lasting impression.